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Perfect technical service system, bring you excellent service experience.
Technical Service

MCF has set up a post-sale service office in Beijing, which will pay regular visits to the sold equipment, learn about the use of the equipment, and provide lifelong process technical support and related services for users. MCF 400 sales and service hotline and other web ports to contact us.
Service hotline: 400-6988 696
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Machine commissioning, maintaining and training

MCF after-sales service office can repair and upgrade PM5, PM6 and other equipment. After confirmation of new equipment order, service engineer will assist to provide relevant technical support.

Technology Customization

MCF has set up a process service laboratory in Beijing, which can provide process customization services and process upgrade services for customers. Such as CMP, epi polishing, special angle L&P, etc. Sample materials that can be processed are: Si, SiC, Fiber, CZT, MCT, etc.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

MCF has set up a process service laboratory in Beijing, which can provide customers with sample OEM service, precision jig reworking OEM service, lapping plate reworking OEM service, float glass substrate reworking OEM service, etc.

  • Trade-in

    MCF can offer upgrades and extended warranties for different L&P machines such as PM5, PM6 and LP70, as well as repair and extended warranties for PP5 and PP6 precision lapping and polishing jigs. We can also offer trade-in services for old equipment so that you can use a brand new L&P machine at a very low price.
    Please contact us for details!

  • Centralized Ordering

    MCF' s after-sales service offices in Beijing and Hong Kong will organize a centralized ordering process for users together in June and December every year from 2021 onwards. The spare parts warehouses for equipment in Beijing and Hong Kong guarantee a continuous supply of consumables and spare parts during the current period of new crown pneumonia, while also reducing costs for users.

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