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Lapping Polishing CMP Frontier Technology
MCF Technical innovations Professional customization
MCF is the leader in semiconductor lapping and polishing equipment

Substrate Processing

Mature wafer substrate material preparation technology, substrate surface treatment by precision lapping and polishing equipment, to achieve high quality homogeneous epitaxy.

Wafer Back Thinning

The substrate material on the back side of a completed wafer is thinned to remove a certain thickness to achieve a surface roughness of nanometer to atomic level.

CMP Technology

Flattening of wafer metal surfaces and polymer heterogeneous structures during processing using chemical corrosion and mechanical forces.


The world's leading flatwork technology

Dedicated to the development and manufacture of high precision lapping and polishing equipment for semiconductor and crystal materials, as well as related processes.



Custom Machine

Custom Repairs

Custom Consumables

Custom Technology

MCF has been committed to research and development, manufacturing of high precision lapping and polishing machine and related cutting-edge technology.


Advanced experience


User group


Range of application


Excellent Quality

Obtained ISO quality management system certification.

Fast Logistics

Global supply, provide a variety of transportation, quick and fast.

Professional Team

Chinese and British expert technical team to provide global professional services.

Leading Technology

Provide the world's leading lapping technology, exclusive custom service.

Widely Used

Covering semiconductor, photoelectric field of a variety of materials.


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  •  MCF and Peking University establish united laboratory

    MCF and Peking University establish united laboratory

    MCF has established a united laboratory with the School of Information Science and Technology at Peking University to develop and innovate lapping and polishing processes for semiconductor materials.

    2022-11-1 More
  •  MCF cooperate with China Air-borne Missile Academy

    MCF cooperate with China Air-borne Missile Academy

    MCF won the tender for the procurement of lapping machines for the China Air-borne Missile Academy on the basis of its technical excellence and service capabilities.

    2022-11-1 More